Monday, November 26, 2012

ugh, monday.

spent my 2 hour break at red mango with Chloe, Micah and Joyce. We're planning to save cash this week so we can start shopping for Christmas gifts for each other and for our other friends. hihi i'm excited!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Blogsphere day 2

with Bjorn Bedayo and Gelo Arucan. fun fun talk!
and so it's official, i have a huge crush on Bjorn of !!!!
ohmygod i swear he is too cute for my life. <3

Photos are grabbed from Studio's facebook page!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Blogsphere Day 1

with Dani Baretto and Gerd Perez.

Photos are grabbed from Studio's facebook page!

spot David Guison! hihi

Thursday, November 15, 2012

i skipped school today.

damn right, i did. since my class starts at 2 and i only had 2 subjects for the day, i asked my mom if i can skip school and fortunately she said that i can. chilled at bf the whole day. ahh 

say hello to my sabaw face. and look, i'm wearing glasses now! my glasses makes me look like i'm a goody goody girl, don't you think?

Monday, November 12, 2012


"She'll cry and get over it, She'll hate you, and then love you again. but one day she will leave, and she won't come back."

Amen to this.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

7th with my favorite girls!

I'm making this post short cause i just got home and i am beyond tired. plus i haven't gotten any sleep yet. so yes, i was out with my girls lastnight! from Joyce's condo at Taguig to Martin's house in Marikina to Jill's and 7th to starbucks 'til 6am to Micah's house in Pasig! crazy crazy night, i swear. things really do happen when you least expect it. :) heart heart!

photos from Joyce's camera :)

Friday, November 09, 2012

i ditched school today. i had my eye checked and i met up with Mika, Ylo, Cj and Mel at Pergola. Mika had her nails done while Ylo had eyelash extensions. they were supposed to help me collect stickers for my planner but since Starbucks was jam packed, we decided to chill at Sen Cha instead. friday well spent!

i just need to let this out.

I shouldn't have changed my schedule. I changed my algebra class from a saturday to TTH cause i thought that i'd be having Ms. Dilemos as my professor. but for some twisted reason, she switched classes with Mrs. Davila. who is one heck of a terror professor. I don't know how the fuck am i going to pass her class knowing that i suck at math, BIG TIME. I'm going crazy cause i really don't want to fail. i want to maintain my good grades and i really don't want to disappoint my parents. :( :( :(

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

wednesdate at fort.

since our morning class finished early and we didn't have NSTP in the afternoon, the girls and I decided to have lunch at Fort. so uhm, yeah. we did. hihi. we went around highstreet and Serendra to chill at Sonja's.

i'm leaving you guys with photos of me and Chloe since we we're playing/exploring with camera360 earlier!

Tuesday, November 06, 2012


went to makati around 11 cause i wanted to fix my schedule even though my class starts at 2pm. met up with my baby loves, Joyce and Micah at greenbelt first before heading to school. i had to eat my breakfast/lunch again for some reason cause my tummy hurts and i feel like puking. and now that i am home, i feel sick again so i'm making this post short cause i'm heading to dreamland in a few. xx

Monday, November 05, 2012

not so first day of 2nd sem.

today was the first day of our 2nd semester and me and my friends enrolled on the day itself. lol it was beyond tiring, i swear!! since i had a conflict with my schedule, i had to go to different departments and fall in line in different places. gosh i am beyond happy that i survived. 10am - 4pm of enrolling? crazy shit right there. plus i don't really like my schedule. it's pretty chill, though. but it could've been better if my classes ended early like at 12. i now go home at 4:50 every single day without long breaks. oh what fun. my 2nd sem schedule = goodbye social life!!!! :( :(

anyway, i finally got a mani pedi after 394825987545 weeks. look at my gold nails!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

and the red cups are officially back!

Today's the start of the "sticker collecting season" for the starbucks planner, i decided to go to starbucks earlier to start collecting stickers. the planner is soooo nice!! it's bigger compared to the 2012 planner and the cover is made up of leather which is a big plus.  i swear, i am so excited to get my hands on that planner! i'm getting the green or the black one :)

weee. one sticker down! lol

went straight to Armada with Hannah afterwards. i went home early, again. this is pretty unusual cause i usually go home after 12. lol it's like i'm not used to going home early during weekends. so yeah, there goes my saturday night. 

Friday, November 02, 2012


since i really had nothing to do today, i went to the mall by myself. i was supposed to shop for new school stuff but i ended up buying new clothes and shoes for myself and for my little sister. effects of sadness, yeah? lol

Thursday, November 01, 2012

i'm trying.

but i swear, it's not easy. it's far from being easy. i've been waiting for you for six months and i'm slowly getting tired. i told myself a few nights ago that maybe it's better if i just let go and move on. but you know what, i can't. i'ts crazy how whenever i close my eyes it's still you i see. i still hear your voice at the back of my head for some fucking reason. i feel so bad for myself for being this way. whenever i tell myself that letting go of you is for the best, a part of me just holds back and tells me that i haven't done everything and i haven't done enough for you to realize that i am worth it and that i love you. other people tell me that it's my fault that you're treating me like shit now. they keep on telling me that i was actually the one who was treating you that way since day one that's why you've learned to do the same. but i wasn't treating you that way. maybe i was sending the wrong signals. maybe i was being too pa-hard to get that's why you thought i was pushing you away. but all i really want was for you to be really close to me, for you to chase me, for you to show me that you want me. but you didn't. instead, you started avoiding me, stopped talking to me, and started treating me like i don't mean anything to you at all. it hurts so bad. i can't even put to words how much it saddens me that i can never be with you anymore. you're the first guy that i've been this crazy for, you're the first guy who made me change my ways, for real. and you're the first guy who has made me wait for half a year. everybody knows that waiting was never my kind of thing. but with you, it's different. with you, i'm willing to go that extra mile, rain or shine.

remember when i sneaked out of the house at 12am last summer just to see you? remember when i went out on a random Saturday night even thought it was raining just because you've been calling me non stop because you wanted to see me? remember that September night when we were reminiscing about the first night that we met? remember the first time our lips touched? i'm inlove with you and every single memory i had with you. i guess i'm holding on too much with our memories that''s why it gets so hard for me to move on. right now, even though i'm hurting, i'm still waiting. i'm still hoping that you might wake up one day and realize that it's actually me that you need. even if there's a new girl or none, i'm still gonna wait for you. yes, i will. cause before i move on, before i let go completely, i promise i'm gonna do whatever it takes to show you that i am worth it.