Monday, November 05, 2012

not so first day of 2nd sem.

today was the first day of our 2nd semester and me and my friends enrolled on the day itself. lol it was beyond tiring, i swear!! since i had a conflict with my schedule, i had to go to different departments and fall in line in different places. gosh i am beyond happy that i survived. 10am - 4pm of enrolling? crazy shit right there. plus i don't really like my schedule. it's pretty chill, though. but it could've been better if my classes ended early like at 12. i now go home at 4:50 every single day without long breaks. oh what fun. my 2nd sem schedule = goodbye social life!!!! :( :(

anyway, i finally got a mani pedi after 394825987545 weeks. look at my gold nails!

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